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3.7.1 Render Priority

Raising the render priority will speed up your render, at the cost of reducing system response times and slower execution of other programs. Note that by default POV-Ray for Windows is slower than POV-Ray for Dos would be on the same machine. This is simply because the default setting for render priority force POV-Ray for Windows to give up some CPU time (even if no other tasks are running), while POV-Ray for DOS has the machine more or less to itself. If you want faster renders, bump up the render priority (but be prepared for sluggish response.)

See Render Priority in the Render Menu for information on how to do this.

Some users have expressed surprise that changing the render priority does not seem to have a major effect on rendering times. This will of course be the case if the computer in question is not doing anything else at the time. The time when render priority starts to matter is when you are running another CPU-intensive process on the computer, one that would compete with POV-Ray for the CPU. It is then that changing this setting will make a noticable difference.

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3.7 Speed Considerations   3.7.2 Render Window

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