The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, Free Software tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. The source code is available for those wanting to do their own ports.

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POV-Ray v3.8.0 beta tests available

POV-Ray 3.8 is now in beta-test. You may obtain beta releases via our GitHub repository. Discussion regarding the betas should be directed to the beta-test group in our forums.

[August 31, 2021] [Permalink]
POV-Ray turns 30

30 years ago today, on July 29 1991, the first beta of what would become POV-Ray became available in the GRAPHDEV forum on CompuServe. See "The Early History of POV-Ray", "The Original Creation Message", "The Name" and "A Historic Version History" in our v3.6 documentation for more details about the early days of this project.

[July 29, 2021] [Permalink]
Wiki back online

The POV-Wiki is now back online and is running the latest version of MediaWiki. Additionally we have restored our legacy bugtracker, which tracked issues prior to moving our source code to GitHub.

[April 12, 2021] [Permalink]
Forums back online
Following more recovery work since the server crash we're happy to say our user forums are now back online in read-write mode.

[March 28, 2021] [Permalink]
Server Recovery

The www.povray.org site is now back in read-write mode ... ... [read more]

[March 21, 2021] [Permalink]
POV-Ray Server Downtime

Our server recently experienced a catastrophic hardware failure ... ... [read more]

[March 15, 2021] [Permalink]
Blender to Persistence of Vision

New Release: Blender to Persistence of Vision ... [read more]

[August 01, 2020] [Permalink]
white_dune VRML/X3D editor adds POV-Ray export

The folks at the open-source white_dune 3d editor project let us know that they've added POV-Ray export capability. Neat! It looks like a useful tool, definitely worth checking out.

You can find their github repo here or if you prefer you can go straight to their project website for downloads.

[July 23, 2020] [Permalink]
Call for papers: Ray Tracing Gems

Eric Haines dropped us a line to let us know that there is still time to submit papers to Ray Tracing Gems ... ... [read more]

[July 01, 2018] [Permalink]
POV-Ray 3.7.1 enters beta phase

POV-Ray 3.7.1 has officially entered public beta testing phase. ... [read more]

[January 13, 2017] [Permalink]
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Visualization Library
Visualization Library is a C++ middleware for high-performance 2D and 3D graphics applications based on the industry standard OpenGL 2.1, designed to develop portable applications for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

[June 03, 2010] [Permalink]
Jupiter Loses a Stripe
Lost: A giant belt of brown clouds big enough to swallow Earth twenty times over.

[June 03, 2010] [Permalink]
OGRE 1.7.1
Since 2001, OGRE has grown to become one of the most popular open-source graphics rendering engines, and has been used in a large number of production projects. Check out the first maintenance release to the new 1.7 stable branch codenamed Cthugha.

[June 03, 2010] [Permalink]
E-on Software Ships Vue 8.5
e-on software, maker of the leading solutions for Digital Nature, announced today the immediate availability of Vue 8.5 xStream and Infinite, its professional solutions for the creation, animation and rendering of natural 3D environments.

[June 03, 2010] [Permalink]
Solar Dynamics Observatory

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory ... [read more]

[June 03, 2010] [Permalink]
DAZ 3D-Gizmoz Introduces Digimi

Digimi the ultimate platform for generating personalized avatars. ... [read more]

[June 03, 2010] [Permalink]
OpenTK Library 1.0 RC1

The OpenTK is an advanced, low-level C# library ... [read more]

[June 03, 2010] [Permalink]
Rhino for OS X is in development

During development, pre-release Rhino OS X is free ... [read more]

[June 03, 2010] [Permalink]
SymLab RANS Flow

Symscape's commercial range of simulation products has now been expanded to include SymLab RANS Flow for the simulation of realistic (viscous) ... [read more]

[June 03, 2010] [Permalink]
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