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  Download POV-Ray 3.6  

NOTE: This page is provided for archival purposes. The version of POV-Ray listed here is not the most current. Please see our main download page for the current version.

This page will provide you with links to the official POV-Ray version 3.6 binaries and support files. All POV-Ray files are covered by one of our licences, as below:

  • Use of POV-Ray is governed by our end-user license You must agree to this license before using any POV-Ray software or files. The installation or use of POV-Ray indicates your agreement and it is thus not necessary to write us saying so.
  • Distribution and Modification of POV-Ray is governed by our distribution license and source license. Please refer to those documents before re-distributing or modifying any POV-Ray files.

  What's New  

Version 3.6 has many internal differences from 3.5, mostly to prepare for the move to v4.0. From a users perspective, there are no major differences in the way the program is used. There have been numerous changes made to improve stability and speed, however as a rule you should expect most scenes to render identically as compared to v3.5.

Here is a list of changes between versions 3.5 and 3.6.

  FTP Server  

All of the downloads on this page (plus many more, including releases going back to v1.0) are available at our FTP site, ftp.povray.org, which is accessible using anonymous FTP with any standard FTP program.

You can also explore the FTP site in your browser without needing an FTP program.


Reviewers: if you will be using POV-Ray to benchmark CPU's, please read our "benchmarking with POV-Ray" page for information that you need to know.


The POV-Ray for Windows 32-bit version requires at least Windows 2000 and a Pentium processor. We recommend 30mb free disk space and at least 128mb of RAM.

Download 32-bit (12 MB)

The below 64-bit version requires Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (or later). It will not install on a 32-bit OS, even if it is hosted on a 64-bit CPU. Just having an AMD64 is not sufficient - you must also have the above x64 edition of XP installed. If you don't know what version of POV-Ray for Windows you need, you want the above 32-bit one.

Download 64-bit (10 MB)

  Mac OS / Mac OS X  

Requires at least Mac OS 9.2 or at least Mac OS X 10.2.8. Using Mac OS 9.2.2 is strongly recommended. For Mac OS CarbonLib 1.6 is required.

Important: Some users with an Intel-Mac (any Mac sold in 2007 or later as well as some 2006 models) have reported problems running POV-Ray 3.6. These problems are due to Apple's PowerPC emulator crashing. The emulator is part of Mac OS X and out of POV-Ray's control. As of 2009, Apple has sent us a workaround (thanks!), but we have not found the time yet to integrate it into POV-Ray 3.6 because POV-Ray 3.6 depends on the now discontinued CodeWarrior compiler for Power Macs. Sorry! Please wait for POV-Ray 3.7.

Download (9.5 MB)


Requires a glibc-2.2 based GNU/Linux system running on x86 hardware. Please see this page for installation instructions. There is also a handy list of Unix tools that can be used with POV-Ray.

Download (7.2 MB)


Documentation is included with all versions of POV-Ray, so you do not need to download any of the below files unless you want a printable version or otherwise prefer a different format. We provide our printable documentation in both international A4 and US letter sizes (here's why), in postscript, PDF, and TeX formats.

  • Postscript [A4] [Letter]
  • PDF [A4] [Letter]
  • TeX [A4] [Letter]

  •   POV-Ray Source Code  

    This source code is not needed to run the software on Windows, Mac OS or Linux, but is useful for the programmers out there who want to take a look at the source code, make modification or port it to a new platform. Note: Distribution of modified versions of POV-Ray is subject to our distribution license as modified by the terms of our source license.

    Windows Source Code

    Mac OS Source Code

    Unix / Linux / Generic Source Code

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