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  What's new in POV-Ray 3.6  

There are many hundreds of changes that have been made to the source code since version 3.5 was released. However since version 3.6 concentrates on improving stability and providing a framework for a future re-implementation of POV-Ray, most of these are invisible to the end user. However, here is a short list of some of the more notable changes.

  • Several improvements, extensions and corrections
  • New design, availability in printable form

  Core Code  
  • Superellipsoid speedup (Change 1937)
  • UV-mapping for parametric and torus (Change 1937, 1991)
  • Density file support for 16 and 32 bit integer data (Change 1937)
  • Sphere_sweep bugfix (Change 1965)
  • Render time display bugfix (Change 2023)
  • Blob artifacts bugfix (Change 2022)
  • Photon speed improvements (Change 1937, 2037)
  • IOR bugfix (Change 2052)
  • Unclipped radiosity values (Change 2053)
  • True 16 bit png support for image_maps (Change 2076)
  • Torus accuracy problem fix (Change 2182)
  • 16 bit binary ppm/pgm support and buxfixes for ppm/pgm (Change 2186)
  • Redesign of text message output
  • Numerous small bux fixes


For a more comprehensive list of changes to the Unix/Linux platform see this page.

  • New format of io-restrictions configuration file
  • Several fixes in X11 display
  • Improved install script (binary version only)
  • Completely reworked build system (source version only)

  • Added support of new communication infrastructure for getting/setting core options
  • Moved renderer into its own thread
  • Make it possible to run pvengine.exe without pre-defined registry settings
  • Support for reading 32bpp BMP images containing alpha channel
  • Numerous minor GUI and editor fixes and improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


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