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4.3.1 Apple Menu

This is the usual Apple menu found in every application. Among the usual Apple menu items it contains the "About POV-Ray for Mac OS..." items which will display the POV-Ray Mac about box.

Hint: In the about box there is a hidden Easter Egg. Type the tree-letter acronym for the Persistence of Vision Ray-Tracer to uncover it. For control of the Easter Egg you may use the mouse to move around, the "+"and "-" keys increase and decrease the resolution, "r" key increase the recursion level, the "t" key to reset the recursion level to one, the "a" key to increase antialiasing quality and the "n" key to disable the antialiasing again. With the "c" and "l" key you may switch between moving the light or moving the camera around. Press any mouse button, press the "q" key or the space bar to leave the Easter Egg (this may take a few seconds). Note that the Easter Egg makes use of multiple processors if available.

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