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GUI Extensions are specialized DLL's that can add functionality to the POV-Ray for Windows user interface. They can also provide a means for external programs (such as the popular Moray modeller) to control POV-Ray in a limited manner. If you want more information on GUI Extensions see the newsgroup povray.programming on the POV-Ray news server, or retrieve the POV-Ray for Windows source code from our FTP site, and look at the example extension in the GUIEXT subdirectory.


Unless you are using a program that has a GUI Extension, or have installed one yourself, there will be a message 'No GUI Extensions Loaded' visible in this menu. If you have some installed, you can turn their functionality on or off by unchecking the 'Use Extensions' menu item.

The POV-Team provides no support whatsoever for GUI Extensions. The POV document that allows GUIEXT authors to write extensions to our specification requires them to provide support for them for at least a little while after they are released. If you have a third-party GUIEXT with which you are having problems, you should refer to the author of that extension. If he/she is no longer available for support, we cannot help you. Example PVTOOLS.INI   3.5.10 Context Menus

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