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Item0=Edit &master POVRAY.INI
Item1=Edit &last rendered file
Item2=Edit last &scene file
Item3=&View last rendered file
Item4=View &histogram image file
Item5=Edit resolution &INI file
Item6=Edit &this menu.

# NOTE! If using the Shell Open command ($S), DO NOT quote the parameters with '"'
Item0=notepad.exe "%hrenderer\povray.ini"
Item1=notepad.exe "%r"
Item2=notepad.exe "%0"
Item3=$S %1
Item4=$S %3
Item5=notepad.exe "%n"
Item6=notepad.exe "%t"

Item0=Edit master POVRAY.INI in installation directory
Item1=Edit the last file that POV-Ray was rendering
Item2=Edit the last scene file that you selected
Item3=View the output of the last render (assumes file output was on)
Item4=View the histogram of the last render (assumes histogram image output was on)
Item5=Edit secondary INI file as specified in Command-line dialog.
Item6=Edit PVTOOLS.INI to alter this menu

Debug=0 Edit PVTOOLS.INI GUI Extensions Menu

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