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3.5.2 Edit Menu

The Edit Menu contains commands relating to altering, cutting, copying, and pasting text. Note that there are actually two edit menus, though you only ever see one at a time. These are the edit menu that is displayed when the message window is selected, and the edit menu that is displayed when any of the editor windows are selected. The contents are different since the windows have different functions.


Note: The Message Window shortcut keys for Cut, Copy, etc. have been changed to the newer Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V style. The old shortcuts (Ctrl-Ins etc.) will still work, however, even though they're not shown in the menu.

The shortcut keys assigned when the Editor Windows are selected are set according to your preferences. See the "Configuring the Internal Editor" section for more information as to how to do this. Older Files Copy Pane

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