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3.4.4 The Tab Control

Displayed within the main window is a tabbed control. Using this you may select either the Message window or an Editor window (if a file is open) to be displayed within the main window. In the above example image, an edit window has been selected, and part of the message window is showing at the bottom (since the screenshot was taken during a render). You may also switch tabs by using the 'Alt+Left Arrow', 'Alt+Right Arrow', 'Ctrl+Tab' or 'Shift+Ctrl+Tab' keyboard shortcuts.

Note that POV-Ray for Windows does not support MDI (the Multiple Document Interface). This is by design. You can only display one window at a time (with the exception that you can see a portion of the Message window from an editor window when rendering, and that the editor itself can split the edit pane into several views).

3.4.3 The Status Bar   3.4.5 The Message Window

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