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3.4.3 The Status Bar

At the bottom of the main window is a status bar. The left part of the status bar contains an information and help field. After that comes the current line and column of the editor caret, followed by a panel that shows 'INS' for editor insert mode, and 'OVR' for overwrite mode. Next to this you will find a Pixel-Per-Second indicator and a clock showing time elapsed (in days-hours-minutes-seconds) since the beginning of the last render job. This clock stops when the job completes. Note that on extremely slow renders, the PPS indicator may change to showing PPM (pixels per minute), or PPH (pixels per hour). Note also that the clock shows only elapsed time - not CPU time. As Windows is a multi-tasking operating system the two are not the same (though if you are running no other applications they will be fairly close). Toolbar Command Line   3.4.4 The Tab Control

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