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Boids: Flocks, Herds, and Schools: a Distributed Behavioral Model.
Complex behavior from simple algorithms. Simulate flocks of birds, etc, as seen in the movies! This page explains the principles of Craig Reynolds Boids and demonstrates them with Java applets. Includes many links related to flocking in natural and artificial lifeforms and has much source code, including POV code by Greg Johnson.

Center for Human Modeling and Simulation
The Center for Human Modeling and Simulation at the University of Pennsylvania exists to investigate computer graphics modeling and animation techniques for embodied agents, virtual humans, and their applications. Major foci involve developing behavior-based animation of human movement especially for gesture, gait, and facial expression, constructing a parameterized action representation for real-time simulation and animation, and understanding the relationship between human movement, natural language, and communication. This site has links to many resources developed at the Center and also external links to programming resources like Graphics Gems & Numerical Recipes.

Facial Animation
65 Links to seminars, Web pages & lists of titles of academic research relating to facial animation. Some links are dead, but some are required reading for anyone interested in the field.

The Dragon Wing
Tutorials on creating surfaces using Hierarchical B-splines. Written by David Forsey and illustrated using his Dragon interactive modeler software.

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