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The POV-Wiki is a user-editable resource aimed at allowing the community to contribute knowledge to share with others. We encourage users with techniques and tutorials to share to consider adding to the wiki.


The POV-Ray Links Collection is a directory for many POV-Ray, ray-tracing and computer graphics related resources. If you are looking for some specific utility program, demo scenes, FAQs or the many great images created with POV-Ray, the Links Collection points you to hundreds of interesting pages.


The POV-Ray Newsgroups are the best place to get help from other users, discussion about POV-Ray and much more. These newsgroups are hosted on our own server and as they are not connected to Usenet they do not suffer from spam and similar problems.

Before posting, please make sure to check out the "frequently-asked-questions" group for posting and other guidelines.

You may either access the newsgroups with any standard newsreader at news://news.povray.org/ or use our web view at http://news.povray.org/. For the web view you need to enable cookies in your browser, and in order to post messages via the web interface you first need to register.

Users of Outlook Express may follow this link for a tutorial on how to configure it. Unfortunately tutorials for other newsreaders are not available right now.

  Library/Object Collection  

The POV-Ray Object Collection contains files contributed by members of the POV-Ray community in the hope that others may find them useful. For those unfamiliar with POV-Ray, the term 'object' in this context may be considered roughly analagous to 'models' as used in other renderers, though in fact they can be much more than that - they have full access to the POV-Ray scene description language.


If you have questions or problems using POV-Ray the best and most frequently overlooked source of information is the documentation. In particular the documentation comes with a FAQ section, which explains most of the common problems people encounter when using POV-Ray. See also the Q&T section below.


The best place to ask questions or discuss problems is by posting in the POV-Ray Newsgroups.

Unfortunately, the POV-Team is not able to provide direct assistance outside the POV-Ray Newsgroups because support e-mail addresses have been abused too frequently in the past.

For website related issues only, you may contact the webmaster.

  Questions and Tips  

The TAG's POV-Ray Q&T pages contain numerous useful tips for using POV-Ray.

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