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If, when the editor searches for an include file name on the current line (see above), it does not find one, it will then look for something that looks like a 'command line'. By 'command line' we mean a line that could be used in the toolbar command-line field as options. The editor uses several simple rules to decide if something is likely to be a command-line:

Firstly, the line must contain a '//' somewhere. Then, either -

  1. The first non-whitespace character after the '//' is either a '+' or a '-', and the next character after that is alphabetical, or
  2. The first non-whitespace after the '//' contains 'Cmd:' (case-insensitive).

If the line fits this description then the text after the '//' (with the 'Cmd:' removed if it were present) is considered the command-line (minus leading and trailing whitespace).

In this case the menu will have a command to copy the found command to the toolbar command-line, such as the one shown below. If this command is chosen, the text in the toolbar command-line will be replaced with the text extracted from the line, and focus will be changed to the toolbar command-line field.


The purpose of this facility is to allow users to keep a set of commonly-used command-line options at the top of the scene file, and use this facility to quickly copy one of them to the command-line for a render.

Example command-lines which could be embedded into a scene file -

// +w480 +h200 +a0.1
// +w960 +h400 +a0.1

The following would also be legal (and equivalent to the above example) -

// Cmd: Width=480 Height=200 Antialias_Threshold=0.1 AntiAlias=On
// Cmd: Width=960 Height=400 Antialias_Threshold=0.1 AntiAlias=On

See also Toolbar Command Line. Open <Filename>   3.6 Bug Reports

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