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To add or change allowed directories, you'll need to modify the file <installdir>\ini\pvengine.ini, where <installdir> is where you installed POV-Ray for Windows. An easy way to get at this file is to select it from the tools menu (by default, it is the second item).

Within PVENGINE.INI you ought to see two sections like the following ... (note that the actual contents of the installed version are slightly different from this example)

[Permitted Input Paths]

[Permitted Output Paths]

%INSTALLDIR% resolves to the location that POV was installed. It would be legal to say something like -


for example, to refer to (say) C:\Program Files\POV-Ray For Windows Vn.n\Scenes, assuming you installed POVWIN into 'C:\Program Files\POV-Ray For Windows Vn.n\'.

Note that the installdir location does not relate to where the binary is run from - it relates to the information in the registry. Relative paths are legal as well, and will be resolved only once at load time (but relative to the current directory, not the installdir). For example, a relative path like the following ...

[Permitted Output Paths]

would be resolved with relation to the current directory at the time POV-Ray for Windows was started, so if you started pvengine.exe from the directory c:\myscenes\newscene, then the above path would be resolved as c:\myscenes\output. Please note that the actual location of the pvengine.exe file is not relevent here - it is the current directory that matters (which is not necessarily that of the program).

A directory placed in the permitted input paths section only allows read. One placed in the output paths section permits both read and write; write permission is inferred to mean read permission. This means you don't need to duplicate entries (the above example shows such a duplication - it is not harmful, just unnecessary). You can have up to 64 entries (numbered 0..63) in each section.

An entry in the permitted paths sections gives permission not only for that directory, but all the ones below it (note that this is different from the 'permit read/write in current directory' option mentioned earlier, which only applies to that one directory alone, and not those below it).

A reminder that, as mentioned above, if write protection is turned on at all, the <installdir>\INI directory is always write-protected, and nothing in the above permission sections can allow it. This is to prevent a script from modifying pvengine.ini to remove or alter the I/O Restrictions for the next time that POVWIN runs. Overall Concept For Those Who use an Image Output Directory

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