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2.5.12 Pattern Modifiers Frequency and Phase Transforming Patterns

The most common pattern modifiers are the transformation modifiers translate, rotate, scale, transform, and matrix. For details on these commands see section "Transformations".

These modifiers may be placed inside pigment, normal, texture, and density statements to change the position, size and orientation of the patterns.

Transformations are performed in the order in which you specify them. However in general the order of transformations relative to other pattern modifiers such as turbulence, color_map and other maps is not important. For example scaling before or after turbulence makes no difference. The turbulence is done first, then the scaling regardless of which is specified first. However the order in which transformations are performed relative to warp statements is important. See "Warps" for details.

More about "Transformations"

2.5.12 Pattern Modifiers Frequency and Phase

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