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  Beta version Source Code  

This page provides links to the source code for beta versions of POV-Ray. It also provides instruction on how to build the source, and links to places where discussion of the use of the source may be conducted.

  Requirements for the Unix/Linux version  

Building POV-Ray on a UNIX platform requires a relatively modern C++ compiler, the 'make' utility, a Bourne-compatible shell (e.g. bash), and several support libraries. Please refer to the INSTALL file for full details.

  Getting the POV-Ray Unix/Linux source  

The Linux source code is in povray-3.7.0.RC7.tar.bz2. Note: Some users on 64-bit platforms have reported that adding --with-boost-thread=boost_thread-mt to ./configure is needed to get a successful compilation.

  Requirements for the Windows version  

Before You Start

    It may be tempting to just jump in and hit 'Build' with the Visual Studio project. However we can guarantee 100% that this will fail: certain steps are essential for a successful build. See the readme for full details.


    The only officially-sanctioned platform for building the current POVWIN source code is a full version of Visual Studio 2010, using the Microsoft compilers. VS2012 should work but has not been tested. There is a VS2008 solution present in the source but it is out of date with respect to the VS2010 one, so may need adjustment to build. The express editions of VS are reported to work, but some workarounds are required if you wish to build the editor provided with the source. (It is not necessary to build the editor to be able to use the EXE).


    We recommend the use of a 64-bit installation of Windows 7 as your host platform for developing with the POVWIN source. Windows XP 32 or 64-bit should work but have not recently been tested by us.

Beta Binaries

  Getting the POVWIN source  

You may download the RC7 Windows source as a 12mb ZIP file or a 5mb 7Z file. The archive contains license information and instructions in a readme.html file. It is essential that you read that file (or the copy stored here) before proceeding. The source will not build unless you follow the steps outlined in that document.

  Discussions and Issues  

Currently the officially-sanctioned discussion forum for source-code related issues is the povray.beta-test newsgroup (nntp link). If you intend to refer to an issue within a particular source file, and that file has a revision number available (look for a '$Revision:' field in the comment block at the head of the file), please ensure that you include that number in your post. This makes it easier for developers to refer to the exact version that you have. You should also report the version of the source archive that the file in question came from.

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