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POV-Ray Images
Source files available for study by: Kurt Bangert and Carola Blaesing-Bangert Be sure to see the section with images and sample code for using media.

POV-Ray Scene File
A couple of scenes inspired by Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (1990). With cliffs, helicopter and waterfall - source is available and a discussion on the techniques use.

Star Wars: The POV-Ray Collection
A number of Star Wars related models mostly POV-Ray 3.1 format by D M Beattie.

Archive of imagination
POV-Ray scene files and objects -Misc.

Castle Object
Free POVRAY model of a medieval building.

Cyberbust Gallery
Mostly an exhibit of the work of Tsutomu Higo.Abstract images with POV-Ray source files available.

Ray-Tracing Files
POV-Ray mixed collection by Michael Brendan Hurley

Jayz models
Moray-files Electronics, Office, Bathroom misc. There are a couple of POV-Ray include files (Hexaagonal grid and Axes)

Dast's POV-Ray page
Eyeball, Candle, Padlock, Array include files for POV-Ray v3.0

Eureka parametric surface models
Site in English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian containing 3d implicit / parametric surface models in POV-Ray format, VRML format and Mathematica format.

Friedrich Lohmueller gallery
While-loops with POV-Ray - how to create twisted rings - samples with POV-Ray scene files by F. A. Lohmueller.

POV-Ray Objects
Site contains a very nice collection of about half a dozen objects in POV-Ray format by F Roux. The site is in French, but easily navigable, (see the 'modeles' section). Also includes a set of utilities and a gallery.

Rod Gelaudes POV-Ray Gallery
Rod Gelaudes web sit in French and mixed English/French. A small collection of downloadable Objects, Tutorials and a gallery of his own works. The objects include half a dozen animal models (including a triangular mesh for an elephant), a vase, a globe and a lamp.

Space Shuttle
POV-Ray Model Project of the US Space Shuttle.This page is devoted to making available and further developing a detailed POV-Ray format Space Shuttle model. The current model is available for download and is shown in the image on this page.

Brilliant Cut Diamond
Downloadable Diamond shaped POV object. Author reserves all rights.

INTER-STATION 3D - The homepage of Toni Bratincevic
A nice collection of objects and macros, including a 'fake fire' macro, a tree generator and some impressive scene files.

Keith Hull's Moray Plug-In's
Moray Plugins Grass, Trees, Columns, Chains etc.

OuterArm POVRay Objects
Page has 5 POV-Ray objects. Newtons cradle, pencil, pencil holder w/pencils, coffee cup w/mat, and a flexible neck desk lamp.

POV-Ray Objects Collection
Over 155 Excellent POV-Ray objects in one place You are invited to contribute to the collection. Maintained by Micha Riser - last updated in Feb 2003.

Raytraced Graphics Polar -E
Mathematical objects created in POV-Ray. Source available in POV-ray 3.1 format by Tsutomu Higo

The Illuzion Zone - StarWars Models, POV-Ray Textures, and Utilities
Site contains a nice collection of StarWars models in POV-Ray format, some POV-Ray v2.2 textures, and a small collection of POV-Ray utilities.

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