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Abres (Trees)
Tree generating include file by Pidou

Chris Colefax Include Files
Chris basicaly invented the include file and has more include files than can be listed here.

5 POV-Ray Include files
This site by Kawashu contains 5 POV-Ray include files Geodesic Dome, Short torus macro, Curve generator, Cracke Pattern (Making objects with the shapes of the crackle pattern), Penrose Tiling, and a Regular Polytope. Include files page is in Japanese only but the files are easy to use.

Anton Raves' Lego Include File Libraries
This is very cool stuff: lego blocks for the Persistence of Vision raytracer. You can now put lego creations into your ray-traced scenes! Almost as fun as the original.

Biowin - Biological Forms Generation App.
Biowin is a graphical notepad (a toy ... a tool ...) for easy entering params and values to make bioforms with PovRay

Edna Dorblazer Institute of Theoretical Cosmetology and Mad Secretarial Sciences
Edna has several POV-Ray include files worth looking at

Feather Include file
This include file will create a realistic feather object.

POV-Ray include file with many declared textures and diamond shapes available

This is an include file for making realistic grasses with. Also on this page is a comprehensive tutorial explaining the techniques involved with the process.

Inverse Kinematics Neck Include File
The Inverse Kinematics Neck Include File (or just ikn.inc) allows you to create smooth strings of objects which you can use for long necks, long tails, and many other things.

IsoCSG Include File
POV-Ray offers very powerful CSG functions to design objects, but an often requested feature, bending and other nonlinear transformations is not possible for principal reasons. This IsoCSG library by Christoph Hormann allows you to go beyond these limitations using new features available in POV-Ray v3.5.

IsoWood Include File
An include file by Christoph Hormann for creating realisted wood using the Isosurface function in POV-Ray.

Keith Hull's Moray Plugins
Inludes the following plug-in moduals- Corrinthian Collumns, Liquid Spray, Galaxy, and City Generator. The last three are include files created by Chris Colefax and are available on his home page as standard POV-Ray include files.

Ken Tyler's KOLORS.INC file is based on the standard POV-Ray colors.inc file but has been enhanced with the addition of many more pre declared colors. There are over 550 colors in all in the file plus there is a demonstration pov file included complete with indexing to help you select the correct colors for your scene.

Mathematical Art
Polynomial, fractales, bioitÚration, landscape and more. Site contains a gallery of image produced using the above techniques plus offers include files for the creation of some of the images presented.

Nathan Kopps LensFlare inc.
This is very popular and excellent utility that adds lens flares to objects in your scene.

Polyhedral Include file
Follow the link to 'GroundNet Graphics' to get a choice of POV-Ray pages by Treshall containing images and various POV-Ray utilities including Polyhedral.

POV-Ray Utilities/incs
Color-Wheel progam plus 6 include files and utilities of various types

Povray Include files
Site contains a nice little collection of POV-Ray include files in the plugins section. Items available are - Trees, Effets de flare, cha¯ns, Books, Stwist, Mesh, Tentacle, Bend, Spheres and cones, Galaxy, Explode, City, and a Horse.

RuneVision Include Files
The RSJ Website contains an excellent collection of include files including the CD Disk include file, LipSync and Grass include files.

Sonya Roberts Include Files
Keyboard, Tree, Books, and others

Spline-Tree: Andrew's POV Files Page
A tree include file for POV-Ray v3.1

This file creates a system for viewing POV-Ray scene files in stereo by Glen McCarter

Tree generating include file by Tom Aust - Excellent utility with many options. Click on the word TOMTREE written vertically down the right hand side of the images to download the zip file.

Useful Inc Files
A zip file containing POV-Ray source for a number of objects such as a dagger, a sword, a pen, a clock and a cigar box.

This include file will place objects at random on the surface of any object. Requires Ron Parkers Super Patch

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