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The Ghastley Poser Page
Site contains a Poser gallery, tutorials, models and a 3D links page

Meshes, models: .dxf .3ds .max , sculpture

Poser Models
Poses, Textures, Morphs - All natural

3d links
Site contains many links to 3D resources many of which are 3D model sites.

A Space Library
Several Space Craft models in various formats including DXF available from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory web site.

Bryce Model Index
Small collection of OBP and .BTO files (Bryce only formats) and .MJL files (MojoWorld only format). Free for personal use

Dreams and Magic
3D Meshes 1 Small selection in 3DS and MAX formats.

GreyLight : Poser
Collection of Poser models including categories for - Clothing, Hair, Headgear - hats, Weapons

2001: A Space Odyssey - 3D Modeling Archive
Site contains models from the movie 2001. The models are available in mixed format though mainly in 3D Studio .MAX.

Lots of free models. Mostly 3DS & Max format

3D Furniture Models
Nice collection of 3d furniture models in MAX and DXF format. Some free plus CDs for sale.

3D Lapidary--Gems and Jewelry For Computer Artists
Free 3D models of gemstones--actual gemstone cut designs, translated into 3D format, for use in most 3d programs. Most of the models are in DXF format, a few in OBJ with mapped surfaces. Over 100 models with more added each month.

3D Photorealism Toolkit
Handtools, Electronics, Odds, Ends-3ds format

3D Studio Model Shop
Free Pre-Texture Models And More Added All The Time! Also free textures available for download.

3DSite: Model Market
Commercial Site for selling 3D models

Amazing 3D graphics, Inc
Many Free 3D Models in Max & 3DS format

Art Recon Inc.
Commercial Greek Roman Architecture models

Artist's Gallery
About 30 period household objects in 3DS format (table, bed, vases, lamps), very nice.

Avalon FTP for Models
An old and very slow FTP repository containing quite a lot of 3D models in sub-flders organised by subject. Mostly in 3DS format, each model has an accompanying description file and a small sample GIF or JPG image.

De Espona 3D Enclopedia
Commercial 3D Models - us $500 - 1 CD

Dedicated Digital
3D Models

Digital asteroid models
Digital models (wavefront and POV-Ray formats) of real asteroids derived from radar images.

Great Buildings Online
Free 3D Models of Great Buildings - 3DMF file format

Great Escape Studios
StarTrek and Mech mesh models. High quality. Various formats available.

Jan Fischer's homepage
Page about different 3-D programs ( Pov-Ray, Cinema 4D, Terragen and SPatch) and role-playing systems like Battletech. Some models can be downloaded for free.

LAVA- Architectural Models
A variety of high quality architectural 3D models in a variety of formats

LBL ITG Whole Frog Project - MRI Data Sets
Near bottom of pate you will find ftp-links to MRI scanned data sets of a tomato, an orange, a pumpkin, a frog, and a rat.

LWO Objects
Free 4 obj's Soccer ball, coffee cup, Antique Steam train engine, Book

Ming 3D Toons Shop
Commercial Toon Models in LWO and 3DS format.

Moray home.page
Moray Objects Collection (about 150 in MDL format) last updated 2001.

National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project
Human full scan MRI and CT scan data sets. The Visible Human Project® is an outgrowth of the NLM's 1986 Long-Range Plan. It is the creation of complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the normal male and female human bodies. Acquisition of transverse CT, MR and cryosection images of representative male and female cadavers has been completed. The male was sectioned at one millimeter intervals, the female at one-third of a millimeter intervals.

Part Server
Free mechanical parts, sorted by manufacturers. 3DS, STL, VRML, XGL and various CAD formats.

Poitra Visual Communications Model Catalog
Poitra introduces its premier and historic 3d models and custom modeling service. Extensive listing of high quality models for commercial applications.

Six free 3D models in the Quick 3D model format.

3D Models used with Poser, Vue, Byrce etc. Most for sale but nice selection of free models as well, including a swimming pool, a park bench and a Gazebo

Singularity Models by Sparky
A variety of high quality free models in 3DS and LWO format, many with a space theme.

Space Shuttle models
A list by Apostolos Lerios of links to various Space Shuttle models, including a link to a more up-to-date Shuttle model in POV-Ray format.

Stanford 3D Scanning Repository
The models available are in a text based .ply format and will need to be converted for use on your platform. There are 4 models available - Happy Buda, a rabbit, a drill bit, and a detailed chinese dragon.

Star Wars
Star Wars Mesh Objects. Also has SW's Blue Prints

The POV-Ray Collection
The POV-Ray Collection contains Star Wars models by D M Beattie in POV-Ray format.

Trolley Models
A series of train models in OBJ, VRML, 3DS and COB format

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