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stl2pov 1.0
Converts from STL (Standard Triangulation Language) file and outputs a POVray mesh. It creates either triangles by default, but can generate smooth_trianges; can read binary STL files, and has an option to smooth the generated mesh. Executables for Unix and Windows.

Blender Python Conversion Scripts
Python scripts by Mark's Hompähdsch for converting Blender models to other formats including POV-Ray.

3DWin HomePage
Likely the most versitle shareware 3D conversion utility that you will find anywhere. It is actively maintained and developed and has support for most major 3D file formats. It also include direct support for POV-Ray and Moray plus the author has plug-ins available for Moray for direct import capabilitites.

A VRML to POV-Ray conversion program by Paul Thiessen.

AccuTrans 3D - Home
AccuTrans 3D provides accurate translation of 3D geometry between the file formats used by many popular modeling programs. Positional and rotational information for the 3D meshes is maintained. Also many material attributes, such as color, index of refraction, reflection, specularity and Phong shading, are transferred between the files. Textures are not currently supported. The program has been enhanced with additional features to make it more than just a 3D file conversion program. Has POV-Ray support.

Cross Roads 3D
A free POV-Ray compatible 3D conversion program. It offers support for multiple 3D file formats and can export directly to POV-Ray 2.0 and 3.0 file format.

PoseRay page by FlyerX
Here you can download the utility PoseRay that converts Wavefront OBJ files into POV-Ray/MegaPOV code and Moray UDO models.

Delphi and Tcl/Tk programs by Harald Martin for converting parts and multilevel assemblies from Pro/ENGINEER (professional 3D CAD) to PovRay include files.

ThreeDS is a Python module for loading and displaying 3D models in the 3DStudio Max 3DS format. It comes with view3DS, a simple model viewer written in Python.

3D Exploration - 3D viewer
3D Exploration is a viewer for Windows 95, 98 and NT with Explorer-like interface and Open GL hardware accelerator support. It allows you to browse many popular 3D file formats - 3D Studio, LightWave, Caligari, Direct X, AutoCAD and many other, plus common 2D file types. Shareware

3DS2POV V1.80
3DS2POV V1.80 - This free program can convert your binary 3D Studio 3DS file in POV 1.0, POV 2.0 including basic material parameters (color, ambient, diffuse, reflection, transparency) and smoothing. It also supports the output of RAW (useful for POVLAB), Vivid and Polyray. Supports animation ! By Steve Anger

Artlandia 1.5
Extends the powerful Mathematica language and lets you write simple programs that produce ornaments, patterns and designs for industrial applications or your mathematical recreations.

asc2tga and Smooth
When rendering landscapes from maps with POV-Ray you often have an elevation matrix stored as an ASCII matrix. asc2tga converts such a file into a POV readable heightfield in TGA format. Smooth can magnify this heightfield using bicubic interpolation.

AutoCAD2POV 3.0a. This is a *much* more solid package than Version 1. It is almost a total rewrite, with tons of improvements, and many objects added (converts AutoCAD colors). Win95+.

C2HTML - Converts sourcecodes (e.g. C, C++, POVray) to HTML i,cl. syntax highlighting.


Code to HTML converter
Now including povray source. Process source code to HTML with colored syntax for linux. By Peter Palfrader

dxf2pov and dxf2wrl
Win32 command-line applications written in C.

dxf2rad - Convert Geometry from DXF to RADIANCE
Dxf2rad is a command line utility for translating geometry data from the DXF file format into the format understood by the RADIANCE lighting simulation package. Dxf2rad shares a lot of code with Radout, an Autocad extension to export geometry directly from within a drawing. It was written to support the architectural lighting design software package Rayfront, which offers complete control over all parameters of RADIANCE simulations.

Eagle 3D
Programm converts Eagle-Layout-File (www.cadsoft.de) to a POVRay-Scene. Predominantly for generating 3D images based upon 2D representations of printed circuit boards.

GLView V4.4
GLView is a standalone VRML 1.0/2.0 Browser and 3D File Viewer for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98.

Inventor 2.0 / VRML 1.0 Converters
Hammer Visual Engineering Inventor 2.0 / VRML 1.0 Converters to Rayshade, POV, and Renderman / BMRT. Iv2POV estimates materials and textures an attempts to compensate for the differences in the way that Inventor and POV-Ray handle texture and colours etc.

This tool by Joern Thiemann converts Lego bricks (LDraw-Object Files (*.dat)) into Lightwave Objects (*.lwo) and Lightwave Scenes (*.lws) and many more.

Mathmatica Ray Tracing Extensions
Ray Tracing and Graphics Extensions for Mathmatica.

mm2pov is a program by Mark Mackey that converts a MacroModel data file into a Persistence of Vision blob object. This allows you to ray-trace some really pretty pictures of your favourite molecules...

OBJuvPOV - Poser4 .OBJ to POV-Ray converter (early beta). This program offers conversion from .obj to .pov files and allows for maintaining texture coordinates through use of UV mapping. This feature requires Nathan Kopp's UVPov patched version of POV-Ray.

PolyTrans from Okino Graphics
PolyTrans, an industry standard for accurate 3DModel/NURBS/CAD/Animation/Skinning translation, optimization and viewing.

DOS command-line utility by Steve Sloan with source for converting the OBJ mesh and MTL texture files exported by Poser 3 and 4 to POV-Ray format, with complete texturing. Has options for exporting UV texture-mapping info to UV-POV or the SuperPatch.

POVRAY.m is a Mathematica program by Roman E. Maeder (available as source text) that converts Mathematica 3D graphics objects to POV-Ray input.

POVDISPLAY is a free Maple to POV converter by Itamar Faybish and Alain Goriely. POVDISPLAY contains dedicated routines for the representation of surfaces, filaments with twist, ribbons and a library of all prime knots up to 8 crossings.

Autocad to RADIANCE geometry export tool by Georg Mischler. Radout is now avaliable in version 3.9.7 for Autocad 2000.

A pearl script for converting RIB renderman files to POV-Ray files.

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