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3D World Magazine
News, features, reviews and discussion of everything 3D.

Runs discussion boards supporting the activities of 3d artists. The homepage announces the site "on hiatus" since 2001. Discussions boards show current, though light, activity

3DEZine home
Online informational resource and interactive forum for Web 3D- The VirtuWorlds' 3DEZine! Tips, tutorials, and 3D articles are just some of the highlights of this site.

A general interest 3D rendering information site. Quality information and informative articles available.

Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques. This is their site, tracking their stuff.

Alt.binaries.pictures FAQ
Posting etiquette for alt groups and why

Animation Artist Magazine
The best animation resource on the Web!

AVI Graphics Format FAQ
AVI FAQ by John F McGowan (jfm@rahul.net)

The Auto Cad Magazine web and file library

Comp.fonts FAQ
Font FAQ by Norman Walsh dated 1996. Covers a broad range of topics from history to pronounciation, terminology to copyright.

Comp.graphics.algorithms FAQ
A large FAQ maintained by Joseph O'Rourke containing references to many graphics algorithm resources plus a large number of solutions to mathematical questions, for example "How do I find the distance from a point to a line?".

CPU-Benchmark with POVRAY
This Web page contains a list of CPU Benchmarks done with the raytracing program POVRAY. This provides a comparison of different hardware by timing how long it takes for POVRay to render a standard image with standard parameters

List of 3d game demos available on the web.

Digital Producer Magazine
The premier resource for information on Digital Video, Animation, Effects, Design, Imaging and Technology.

Gamma FAQ and Color FAQ
Gamma represents a numerical parameter that describes the nonlinearity of intensity reproduction in video, computer graphics and image processing. Having a good understanding of the theory and practice of gamma will enable you to get good results when you create, process and display pictures.

Graphics File Formats FAQ
Answers common questions in this area. A links collection of related resources, such as format specs, is about 65% broken. The 35% good ones could be invaluable though.

IMP POV-Ray Internet Movie Project Homepage
The Internet Movie Project supports the pooling of processing resources of its members for the rendering of animations. As such it can be a focus for animation projects and discussions.

Internet FAQ Archives
A comprehensive looking overview of FAQ's, nicely categorized

A large FAQ maintained by Tom Lane. Deals specifically with JPEG questions

Medical Image Volume Visualization Software FAQ
A list of Visualization and related softwares. Several dozen softwares are listed and described in plain text.

MPEG-2 FAQ - Table of Contents
A huge Table of Contents all with live links

Pixar Home Page
The Makers of Toy Story and the Renderman Program

This is must reading for all new users of the program POV-Ray. This faq answers the most commonly asked questions in the news groups and was put together by many experienced volunteers.

POVBENCH - The Official Home Page
POVBENCH supports the benchmarking of different home systems and POV-Ray compiles against some standard POV-Ray scenes. These results can then be referenced and compared.

Ray Tracing News Guide
This is a table of contents to the Ray Tracing News. RTN is maintained by Eric Haines. The TOC is maintained by Joe Cychosz. The earliest entry is from 1987, the latest from 2005.

Rendering software List - Paul T. Bourk's
An extensive list of raytracing and rendering programs

Rendering Times News
This is a loose collection of software how-to's (mostly for Crystal software) and some opinion. It looks to be no longer maintained. There is a small POV section with some tuts authored by the mythic Sonya Roberts.

Robotics FAQ
Robotics FAQ within the AI (Artificial Intelligence) repository of Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science

Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ
Tips and advice for servicing a range of come electronic appliances

Sphere FAQ
A FAQ that is just about spheres

Stereogram / SIRDS / SIS FAQ
Stereogram / SIRDS / SIS FAQ by Stuart Inglis

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