POV-Ray : POV-Ray 10th Anniversary Commemorative Keyring
  POV-Ray 10th Anniversary Commemorative Keyring  
Sorry, the keyring is no longer available. This page is preserved for historical purposes.

The 29th of July 2001 was the 10th anniversary of the first public release of what we now know as POV-RayTM. In commemoration, the POV-Team has commissioned the manufacture of a custom designed solid metal keyring that will serve as a long-term token of this event.

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The front features the number '10', with the new official POV-Ray logo nestled within the '0' (representing the fact that we adopted this logo in our 10th year). The rear of the keyring shows an X, Y and Z axis (representing the classic POV-Ray 'handedness' diagram) surrounded by text giving the event for which the ring was commissioned. The long axis of the keyring is 4cm (1.5") in length.

The manufacturing process includes an acid-etching stage to provide an 'antique silver' finish (as in the image above). There is no enamel to scratch off or break. This item will last through many years of practical use.

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