POV-Ray : Outdated Version
  That version of POV-Ray is outdated  

You have attemped to access "index.html", which is no longer available in the location you were referencing.

It is likely that you received the this location from a another web site, or from some source other than www.povray.org. The version of POV-Ray you are attempting to download is outdated and has been replaced with a new one. If you really want to download the old version, you can find it in our old version repository.

However, we recommend that you download the new version instead. Please visit our download page and follow the appropriate link.

If the download page appears to link to the wrong files, it is almost certain that your web browser or your ISP has cached an old version of the page. In that case, try force-reloading the page (shift-reload or shift-F5 in many browsers), and if that fails, you may obtain the files directly from our FTP site at ftp://ftp.povray.org/pub/povray/Official/.

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