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5.4.4 Permitted Paths   5.4.5 Example configuration file Examples for path settings

[Permitted Paths]

would permit reading from the directory where the POV-Ray supplementary files are installed.

Note that the installdir location does not relate to where the binary is run from - it relates to the information defined at compile-time. Relative paths are legal as well, and will be resolved only once at load time (but relative to the current directory, not the installdir). For example, a relative path like the following ...

[Permitted Paths]

would be resolved with relation to the current directory at the time POV-Ray for Unix was started, so if you started povray while in the directory ~/myscenes/newscene, then the above path would be resolved as ~/myscenes/output. Please note that the actual location of the povray binary is not relevent here - it is the current directory that matters (which is typically not that of the program).

5.4.4 Permitted Paths   5.4.5 Example configuration file

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