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4.6 Command-Line Options

You cannot control POV-Ray for Mac OS directly via command-line options. However, the Render Settings dialog does support all the command-line options detailed in the general POV-Ray user manual. The options you provide in Render Settings dialog Command-Line field will override options specified in the Render Settings dialog, with only a very few exceptions. Those exceptions are the Include Paths and the selection of Mac PICT or QuickTime movie output is you select the system specific file output command-line option.

Note: If the INI file is not in the same folder as the scene file, you will most likely have to specify a full or relative path. Further, note that the Command-Line field is limited to 255 characters. If you need to enter a longer command-line, you can directly put command-line options in an INI file and specify it in the Command-Line field.

Warning: We can only recommend using the command-line for advanced users. New users should use the Render Settings dialog fields instead! Actions Pane   4.7 Tips and Tricks

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