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The 'Check For New Versions' feature - which is turned on by default, unless you chose to turn it off when given the opportunity during install - instructs POV-Ray for Windows to periodically ask our web server if there is a newer version of POV-Ray available than the one you are using.

Note: All POV-Ray does is check for a new version; it does not download it ! We would never download anything onto your computer without your permission.

If POV-Ray discovers that there is a new version available, it will display a page in your default web browser that looks something like the one depicted below -

A sample 'updated version available' page.

POV-Ray attempts to be both intelligent and polite about the way that it does these checks. It will not perform one unless Windows tells it that the internet is already connected. In this way, it does not cause an annoying dialler dialog to pop up while you are working.

Additionally, it stricly limits how often it will try. As a rule, it will make one check every seven days (or whatever longer period is required for you to both be using POV-Ray and online at the same time. POV-Ray does not run the checks out of a scheduler or something like that - you have to be actually running the program for anything to happen).

If it successfully contacts our web server and receives a 'yes' or 'no' answer as to whether an upgrade is available, it will not attempt again for at least seven days. If, however, it failed in its attempt to contact the server, it will try again in no less than 24 hours. POV-Ray will never contact our server more than once per day.

If an update is available, POV-Ray will remember the version number of the new version. If you choose not to download it, you will not be reminded about that version again.

Note: POV-Ray uses the Microsoft WinINet functionality to perform the above connection. If this is not installed on your computer (e.g. you are running Windows 95 with Internet Explorer version 3 or earlier), then the update functionality will not work. Please also be aware that the WinINet components use whatever settings have been configured in the 'Internet' applet of your control panel (e.g. your proxy server, etc). Online Operations Include System Information

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