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The Animation sub-menu contains options relating to running renders for the purposes of generating an animation. See the section on making animations in the tutorial for information on how to set POV-Ray up to do this.

- Minimize Shellouts

The Minimize Shellouts options tells POV-Ray to run any specified shell-out in a minimized, non-active window. This can be important if you are doing some work in the foreground and do not want to be interrupted. Note that the command that you are starting must be capable of running in the background under Windows. No Shellout Wait

If you specify a post-scene shell-out command in an INI file, POV-Ray for Windows hands over to the program specified. If you are running Windows 3.1x and Win32s, POV-Ray for Windows has no way of telling when the program shelled out to has finished, especially if it was a DOS program. All POV-Ray can do is show a screen explaining this and ask you to click the OK button when the external program has completed or if you don't want to wait for it to finish. If you do not want POV-Ray to display this message, select No Shellout Wait.

NOTE it is very important to note that if POV-Ray doesn't wait for the program, it must return immediately. If it returns immediately then obviously the program's return code cannot be monitored. In this case the return code will always be 0. Clear Queue Render Priority

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