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It is possible to order the insert menu entries any way you like, both for folders and for the files (or sub-folders) within them. Normally, the entries are added to the menu in alphabetical order, with all folders being added before files. However, you can influence the ordering of each group (folders and files) by prepending a 'NN - ' to a folder or file, where 'NN' is any letter or digit (note however that this does not permit you to place a file before a folder).

For example, suppose you wanted to move the folder called 'Transformations' (which creates the menu entry called 'Transformations' in the above sample image) so that it appears between the 'Expressions' and 'Headers' items in the menu. You could achieve this by re-naming the folder from 'Transformations' to, say, 'F0 - Transformations' (the choice of 'F0' in this example is arbitrary - you could use anything that will alphabetically sort between 'Expressions' and 'Headers').

When the editor code builds the insert menu (which happens each time you change it), any file or folder that starts with a prefix of 'NN - ' (note the trailing space) will be sorted using the prefix, but displayed without the prefix. Physical Layout Adding a Separator

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