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Stone Pigments:

Jade_Map, Jade
Drew Wells' superb Jade. Color map works nicely with other textures, too.
Red_Marble_Map, Red_Marble
Classic white marble with red veins. Over-worked, like checkers.
White_Marble_Map, White_Marble
White marble with black veins.
Blood_Marble_Map, Blood_Marble
Light blue and black marble with a thin red vein.
Blue_Agate_Map, Blue_Agate
A grey blue agate -- kind of purplish.
Sapphire_Agate_Map, Sapphire_Agate
Deep blue agate -- almost glows.
Brown_Agate_Map, Brown_Agate
Brown and white agate -- very pretty.
Pink_Granite_Map, Pink_Granite
Umm, well, pink granite.

Stone textures:

Gray-pink alabaster or marble. Layers are scaled for a unit object and relative to each other.

Note: This texture has very tiny dark blue specks that are often mistaken for rendering errors. They are not errors. Just a strange texture design.

Underlying surface is very subtly mottled with bozo.
Second layer texture has some transmit values, yet a fair amount of color.
Veining is kept quite thin in color map and by the largish scale.
2.7.17 textures.inc Skies

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