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2.7.14 stones.inc, stones1.inc, stones2.inc, stoneold.inc

The two files stones1.inc and stones2.inc contain lists of predefined stone textures.

The file "stones1.inc" contains texture definitions for T_Grnt0 to T_Grnt29, T_Grnt1a to T_Grnt24a, and T_Stone0 to T_Stone24.

The T_GrntXX, T_GrntXXa, and CrackX textures are "building blocks that are used to create the final "usable" T_StoneX textures (and other textures that *you* design, of course!)

The T_GrntXX textures generally contain no transparency, but the T_GrntXXa textures do contain transparency. The CrackX textures are clear with thin opaque bands, simulating cracks.

The file "stones2.inc" provides additional stone textures, and contains texture definitions for T_Stone25 to T_Stone44.

The file "stones.inc" simply includes both "stones1.inc" and "stones2.inc", and the file "stoneold.inc" provides backwards compatability for old scenes, the user is advised to use the textures in "stones1.inc" instead. stars.inc stones1.inc

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