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Ellipsoid, Sphere
Unit-radius sphere at the origin.
Cylinder_X, Cylinder_Y, Cylinder_Z
Infinite cylinders.
QCone_X, QCone_Y, QCone_Z
Infinite cones.
Cone_X, Cone_Y, Cone_Z
Closed capped cones: unit-radius at -1 and 0 radius at +1 along each axis.
Plane_YZ, Plane_XZ, Plane_XY
Infinite planes passing through the origin.
Paraboloid_X, Paraboloid_Y, Paraboloid_Z
y^2 + z^2 - x = 0
Hyperboloid, Hyperboloid_Y
y - x^2 + z^2 = 0
UnitBox, Cube
A cube 2 units on each side, centered on the origin.
Disk_X, Disk_Y, Disk_Z
"Capped" cylinders, with a radius of 1 unit and a length of 2 units, centered on the origin. shapes.inc shapes2.inc

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