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2.7.12 shapes.inc, shapes_old.inc, shapes2.inc, shapesq.inc

These files contain predefined shapes and shape-generation macros.

"shapes.inc" includes "shapes_old.inc" and contains many macros for working with objects, and for creating special objects, such as bevelled text, spherical height fields, and rounded shapes.

Many of the objects in "shapes_old.inc" are not very useful in the newer versions of POV-Ray, and are kept for backwards compatability with old scenes written for versions of POV-Ray that lacked primitives like cones, disks, planes, etc.

The file "shapes2.inc" contains some more useful shapes, including regular polyhedrons, and "shapesq.inc" contains several quartic and cubic shape definitions.

Some of the shapes in "shapesq.inc" would be much easier to generate, more flexible, and possibly faster rendering as isosurfaces, but are still useful for two reasons: backwards compatability, and the fact that isosurfaces are always finite. Other Distributions shapes.inc

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