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2.7.6 finish.inc Common Parameters

2.7.7 functions.inc

This include file contains interfaces to internal functions as well as several predefined functions. The ID's used to access the internal functions through calls to "internal(XX)", are not guaranteed to stay the same between POV-Ray versions, so users are encouraged to use the functions declared here.

The number of required parameters and what they control are also given in the include file, this chapter gives more information.
For starter values of the parameters, check the "i_internal.pov" demo file.

Syntax to be used:

  #include "functions.inc"
  isosurface {
    function { f_torus_gumdrop(x,y,z, P0) }

  pigment {
    function { f_cross_ellipsoids(x,y,z, P0, P1, P2, P3) }
    COLOR_MAP ...

Some special parameters are found in several of these functions. These are described in the next section and later referred to as "Cross section type", "Field Strength", "Field Limit", "SOR" parameters.

2.7.6 finish.inc Common Parameters

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