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The latest versions of the POV-Ray software are available from the following sources. World Wide Website www.povray.org

The internet home of POV-Ray is reachable on the World Wide Web via the address http://www.povray.org/ and via ftp as ftp://ftp.povray.org/. Please stop by often for the latest files, utilities, news and images from the official POV-Ray internet site. The POV-Team operates its own news server on the internet with several news groups related to POV-Ray and other interesting programs. Books, Magazines and CD-ROMs

If you would like to print our documentation, it is available in a number of formats that are designed for printing. In particular, PDF, postscript, and TeX. See the POV-Ray website for more details.

Unfortunately all English language books on POV-Ray are out of print and there are no plans to reprint them. However there are now several POV-Ray books available in Japanese. Many popular computer magazines have been authorized to distribute POV-Ray on cover CD's. From time to time we, the makers of POV-Ray, will ourselves make CDROM's available, either direct from our website or from authorized distributors. See the our website for more information, as that location will always contain the most up-to-date details. Which Version of POV-Ray should you use?   1.5.5 Suggested Reading

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