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Clifford A. Pickover' s home page
Clifford Pickover is a deviser of graphics algorithms and a prolific popularizer of mathematics. He is also fascinated by a huge range of topics, especially the nature of consciousness, which he investigates with his characteristic sense of humor. His home page links to info about his books, including extensive extracts. It also links to his News page (a huge collection of links in itself), as well as having many links to his various Internet projects and less serious interests. Links to a wide variety of maths & graphics-related material are scattered throughout the site. Visit his zany Reality Carnival for regular inspiration.

A large catalog of fractals, including 3D fractals done with POV. It contains many articles by Paul Bourke at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing at Swinburne University of Technology, which clearly explain the fractal algorithms.

World of Mathematics' list of books about fractals. All the classics.

Fractals and scale
Four page tutorial by David G. Green on basic fractal principles. Also available in PDF format at http://jcbmac.chem.brown.edu/scissorsHtml/fractals/Fractals&Scale.pdf

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