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 POV-Ray Announcements  
 [web view]
 The FAQ group. New users: Go here first!
Note: Posting in this group is not permitted
 [web view]
 'Interesting' news suitable for the www.povray.org news section
This group will be checked by the webmaster from time to time (not
 necessarily regularly) and items considered suitable will be added
 to www.povray.org. This group is not for discussions of news.

 POV-Ray Topics  
 general [web view]  General POV-Ray discussion
 newusers [web view]  Questions/advice for new POV-Ray users
 animations [web view]  Discussion of animation projects and techniques
 advanced-users [web view]  Discussion area for advanced users
 off-topic [web view]  Group for non-raytracing discussion
Note: Messages expire after two weeks
 bugreports [web view]  Moderated bugreports group
Note: Posting in this group is moderated
 windows [web view]  Discussions about POV-Ray for Windows
 unix [web view]  Discussion of the Unix/Linux versions of POV-Ray
 macintosh [web view]  Discussion of the Mac versions of POV-Ray
 msdos [web view]  Discussions about the MS-DOS version of POV-Ray
 unofficial.patches [web view]  Discussion of unofficial source code patches
 programming [web view]  Programming related discussion (i.e. source code etc.)

 POV-Ray Documentation  
 inbuilt [web view]  Discussions of built-in documentation and help files
 books [web view]  Discussions regarding books about POV-Ray

 POV-Ray 3.5 Beta Test  
 beta-test [web view]  Discussion and bug reports (no feature requests accepted)
 binaries [web view]  Scenes and images related to the beta-test

 POV-Ray Binary Files  
 images [web view]  Postings of POV-Ray images
 animations [web view]  Postings of POV-Ray animations
 scene-files [web view]  Postings of POV-Ray scene files (binary form)
 tutorials [web view]  Postings of POV-Ray tutorials (binary form)
 utilities [web view]  Postings of POV-Ray utilities (binary form)
 programming [web view]  Binaries regarding patches to POV-Ray (binary form)

 POV-Ray Text Files  
 scene-files [web view]  Postings of POV-Ray scene files in readable format.
 tutorials [web view]  Postings of POV-Ray tutorials in readable format.

 IRTC Topics  
 general [web view]  General discussion of the Internet Raytracing Competition
 stills [web view]  Discussion about the stills portion of the IRTC
 animations [web view]  Discussion about the animations portion of the IRTC

 Moray Topics & Files  
 win [web view]  Discussions on the Windows 95/NT version of the Moray modeller
 dos [web view]  Discussions on the DOS version of the Moray modeller
 binaries [web view]  Binary files related to the Moray modeller

 Non-English Groups  
 international  Non-english language group for general discussion
 international.binaries  Non-english language group for binary posts

 Multi-Group Digests  
 Thread Activity Digest  100 most active threads in the last 7 days in all groups
 Thread Digest  100 newest threads in all groups
 Message Digest  100 newest messages in all groups

Note: permission to post on this server is only granted upon condition that the poster understands and agrees to our Acceptable Use Policy. You can read the latest version of this by clicking on the previous link or by locating it in the frequently-asked-questions group mentioned above.

Presence of these groups does NOT imply any support by the POV-Team being offered here. We do not officially offer support. These groups are intended for use by POV-Ray users to communicate with - and support - each other. Members of the POV-Ray TAG do regularly frequent the above groups. Additionally, members of the POV-Team do somtimes follow discussions and occasionally will answer in an non-official manner, but note that there is no guarantee that any particular post will be seen by a team member.

Note: The articles on this server are intended to be local. No news servers may take a feed from news.povray.org. The POV-Team claims collection copyright on the contents of our news database. This is not for any commercial purpose, but to protect the quality of peer support offered here. If posts from this server are fed to USENET, users on USENET will start attempting to join in discussions there. However, as news.povray.org does not take a feed from USENET, such postings will never be seen on this server. We will not take a feed from USENET since doing so would cause us to have to take all the accompanying baggage - namely, spam, spam, and more spam. At not time has this server ever accepted a feed for any of the povray.* groups from anywhere else. They are purely local.

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