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TGAMosaic - For RedHat Linux 6.0
A utility by Andy Woodfin to take a TGA image and convert it to a set of 3D objects for rendering in POV-Ray. This version of TGAMosaic is the same as the windows version of the program only it has been ported to the Linux platform and is offered from a different web site than the original. All functionality at this time is the same.

Colograms - Create Stereoscopic Printed Images
Create spectacular 3D images widi your bubble jet printer! Written with POV-Ray in mind.

D-form Home Page
Deformation tool for POV-Ray MAC Only

The FORM program is a FREE program that allows you to create FORMS"" for display on your monitor or for rendering by the POV raytracer. A form is a three dimensional object built up from a simple set of primitives and some simple operations performed on them."

Fractal Explorer
Fractal Explorer is a freeware program to generate fractal images and animations.

A collection of Public Domain(!) programs that auto-generate complex raytracer scenes, useful for benchmarking raytracers on different computers, or against other ray tracers. Can output to POV-Ray, RTrace, DXF, QuickDraw3D/3DMF, VRML2, NFF, Wavefront OBJ, Raw, Renderman RIB, etc.

A piece of graphics software by Kurtz-Fernhout Software that enables you to create your own plants. These can be exported in DXF format.

POV-Ray Macintosh Utilities
The ancient POV-Utilities 2.1 utility has been made available here, in case you want to make shells, coils, Connect-The-Dots, Lissajous, Swoop, or convert RAW, DXF, or POV-Ray 1.0 files to POV-Ray 2.0 files. Note that there is a bug in the DXF conversion utility, and it tends to drop some triangle facets. This is a direct download only and is for the Macintosh platform.

A small windows utility that will allow you to view POV-Ray pigments and textures.

Hermite Curve Generator Program for POV-Ray. POVHerm takes a data file and generates a POV include file which gives the points along the curve. By Emory Stagmer

Rocktools Homepage
Rocktools is a collection of Unix tools for the creation and manipulation of open or closed triangular meshes in 3D space. It is written in ANSI C and only requires libpng and the standard C libraries to compile. There is an early version of the source that was compiled as a DOS comand line utility also available for download.

Create Suds or foam using spheres. This tool was used to create the POV-Ray for windows v3.0 splash screen

Suds Object creation using winbatch
Utility by Richard Jennings written in 1998 for POV-Ray 2.0.

Surface de Revolution - SOR
A small GUI utility to create Surface of Revolution objects for POV-Ray.

A simple program to convert .TGA images into density files (.df3) for POV-Ray. A Windows binary, plus source files are available.

The Madtricksystem - Surface Of Revolution
A modeling tool for PoV-Ray's sor object for Windows

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