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5.3.3 Starting a Render Job SVGAlib display X Window display

When the X Window display is used, the rendered image is displayed in a graphics window. During rendering, the window will be updated after every scanline has been rendered, or sooner if the rendering is taking a long time. To update it sooner you can click any mouse button in the window or press (almost) any key. Pressing <CTRL-R> or <CTRL-L> during rendering will refresh the whole screen. If you have the Exit_Enable or +X flag set, pressing 'q' or 'Q' at any time during the rendering will stop POV-Ray rendering and exit. The rendering will pause when complete if the Pause_When_Done (or +P) flag is set. To exit at this point, press the 'q' or 'Q' key or click any mouse button in the window.

POV-Ray 3.6 includes a color icon in the program if it was compiled with libXpm (which is available on most platforms where the X Window System is installed). If this icon is used for the render view window depends on the window manager being used (KDE, Gnome, fvwm, ...). POV-Ray also comes with a separate color icon (xpovicon.xpm) for use with the window managers that can use external icons. For instance, to have fvwm use this icon, copy the icon file to one of the directories pointed to by PixmapPath (or ImagePath) which is defined in your $HOME/.fvwmrc. Then, add the following line in $HOME/.fvwmrc:

Style "Povray" Icon xpovicon.xpm

and re-start the X Window server (re-starting fvwm will not be enough). Using this icon with another window manager may use a different procedure.

Documentation of the special command line options to configure the X Window display can be found in Special Command-Line Options.

More about "Special Command-Line Options"

5.3.3 Starting a Render Job SVGAlib display

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