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4.1 Introduction   4.1.2 Installation

4.1.1 New Features in POV-Ray 3.5/3.6

The list is in no particular order.

  • Multiple open source files
  • Carbon compatibility
  • Easier to use Render Settings dialog
  • Extended preferences dialog
  • Improved text editor window with popup menus to jump to markers, declares, macros and includes and show dependent files
  • Search Menu (Find, Replace, etc) with regular expression searching
  • Faster syntax coloring
  • Symbol coloring
  • Faster image preview window
  • Batch render multiple files with the extended Render Quene window
  • Preview and search templates in POV-Ray (requires CarbonLib 1.6 and later)
  • Render progress dialog
  • Improved message window to show statistics, errors and warnings
  • New preferences format that will never again be lost in a new version, it will not destroy 3.1 preferences, too!
  • New about box and startup screen
  • New application and file icons
  • Optional control of POV-Ray rendering via command-line arguments used on other platforms in Render Settings dialog
  • Rendering runs in its own thread and no longer locks the user interface while rendering
  • Built-in just-in-time compiler for "function" generating native PowerPC code more than doubling speed of isosurfaces in many cases
  • More control over POV-Ray via AppleScript
4.1 Introduction   4.1.2 Installation

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