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3.5.6 Insert Menu

The Insert menu allows you to insert header sections, object definitions, etc. into a file you are editing with the internal editor, with only a few clicks of your mouse. It is only visible if you have selected an editor window.


This menu is built dynamically from the directory called 'Insert Menu', which is in the POV-Ray for Windows installation directory. The way it works is similar to the Windows 95/NT Start Menu. You can even edit it at run-time, and POVWIN will automatically pick up the fact that it's been changed and re-load it.

It has the additional special feature that menu entries may optionally have an image file associated with them, which is displayed when that entry is highlighted. A set of these image files is shipped with POV-Ray for Windows as standard; you can re-render these at a higher resolution if you like - see Re-Render Insert Menu Bitmaps in the Other Settings menu. Editor Preferences How the Insert Menu is Built

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