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This option forces the edit caret to always remain within existing text (except when extending the end of the file). As with the 'Click Beyond EOL' option above, this is the behaviour that some users prefer and was the default in the POVWIN 3.0 editor. Note that selecting this option causes the 'Click Beyond EOL' menu entry to be disabled.

If 'Click Beyond EOL' is turned off, and you left-click beyond the end of a line, the editor caret will snap to the location after the last character on the line. You can still manually (using the cursor keys) move the caret right past the end of the line, or down onto a new line (and thus be past the end of that line, if it were shorter).

If 'Constrain Caret to Text' is turned on, it has the same effect as turning 'Click Beyond EOL' on, with the additional restriction that using the cursor keys will not move the caret into virtual space. For example, moving the caret right at the end of a line will cause it to wrap to the start of the next line instead of moving right into virtual space. Click Beyond EOL Overlay Keyword Expansion On Tab Key

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