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The Selection sub-menu contains commands which relate to operations on blocks of selected text. If there is no text selected in the editor, all of these commands will be disabled.


See Using the Mouse for a description of the various ways you can select text (including full line blocks, stream blocks, and column blocks). Indent

Inserts a tab (or spaces, depending on your tab settings) at the beginning of the selection on each line. You must have multiple lines and/or a newline selected, or the selected text will be replaced by a tab instead. Indent To Previous

Moves the caret to the position of the next text on the previous line. Undent

Removes one level of indent from the beginning of the selected lines. Uppercase

Converts all alphabetical characters in the selected text to uppercase. Lowercase

Converts all alphabetical characters in the selected text to lowercase. Convert Spaces To Tabs

Converts sequences of space characters to tabs. (Note: The tab size can be set under the Text menu.) Convert Tabs To Spaces

Converts tabs to sequences of space characters. (Note: The editor does this automatically by default. This behavior can be turned off in the Language/Tabs section of the Editor Preferences.) Select All   3.5.3 Search Menu

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