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The language setting is a good example of a setting that applies to the current file only. This setting determines what sort of syntax highlighting is applied to the file. For example, a POV or INC file would probably have a language setting of 'POV-Ray'. A Java file (should you choose to use POVWIN to edit one) would have a language setting of 'Java'.

This setting is initially (when you first open a file, or create a new one) set according to the file extension. .POV and .INC files are considered POV syntax. A new file (one with the name 'Untitled') has no language.

Once the file is first loaded, you are free to change the language to whatever you like. This change affects only the current file and no other file ! The change you have made will be remembered by POV-Ray. Any file that is still in the MRU list (or the 'Older File' list - see the File Menu section for more details) has its language setting stored along with a number of other attributes (such as tab size).

Note that if you open a file manually (using Drag-Drop or the file browse dialog, for example), the old settings are discarded, even if the file was in the MRU list. This is by design.

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