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3.2 Getting Started   3.2.2 Starting a Render Job

3.2.1 The Demo

If you have never seen POV-Ray at work before, start by running the demo (select Render/Run Demo), then click on Start Rendering. You will see POV-Ray for Windows start up a Render Window and generate a sample scene line by line. Notice that if you close the Render Window, the rendering job is not interrupted. If you have POV-Ray set up to save the image as a file (this is the default setting), that file will be produced whether or not you display the image on screen as you render. To stop rendering, select Render/Stop Rendering.

Even if you minimize the rendering window, POV-Ray for Windows will display the progress of the rendering job by showing the percentage completed. If you close the render window and want it back, click the right mouse button over the main POV-Ray window, and select the appropriate menu item, or just click the toolbar button labelled 'Show'.

3.2 Getting Started   3.2.2 Starting a Render Job

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