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2.7.18 transforms.inc woodmaps.inc

2.7.19 woodmaps.inc, woods.inc

The file woodmaps.inc contains color_maps designed for use in wood textures. The M_WoodXA maps are intended to be used in the first layer of a multilayer texture, but can be used in single-layer textures. The M_WoodXB maps contain transparent areas, and are intended to be used in upper texture layers.

The file woods.inc contains predefined wood textures and pigments.

The pigments are prefixed with P_, and do not have color_maps, allowing you to specify a color map from woodmaps.inc or create your own. There are two groups, "A" and "B": the A series is designed to work better on the bottom texture layer, and the B series is designed for the upper layers, with semitransparent color maps. The pigments with the same number were designed to work well together, but you do not necessarily have to use them that way.

The textures are prefixed with T_, and are ready to use. They are designed with the major axis of the woodgrain "cylinder" aligned along the Z axis. With the exception of the few of the textures which have a small amount of rotation built-in, the textures will exhibit a very straight grain pattern unless you apply a small amount of x-axis rotation to them (generally 2 to 4 degrees seems to work well).

2.7.18 transforms.inc woodmaps.inc

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