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2.5.7 UV Mapping UV Vectors Supported Objects

Surface mapping is currently defined for the following objects:

  • bicubic_patch : UV coordinates are based on the patch's parametric coordinates. They stretch with the control points. The default range is (0..1) and can be changed.
  • mesh, mesh2 : UV coordinates are defined for each vertex and interpolated between.
  • lathe, sor : modified spherical mapping... the u coordinate (0..1) wraps around the y axis, while the v coordinate is linked to the object's control points (also ranging 0..1).
    Surface of Revolution also has special disc mapping on the end caps if the object is not 'open'.
  • sphere : boring spherical mapping.
  • box : the image is wrapped around the box, as shown below.
    UV Boxmap
  • parametric : In this case the map is not taken from a "fixed" set of coordinates but the map is taken from the area defined by the boundaries of the uv-space, in which the parametric surface has to be calculated.
  • torus : The map is taken from the area <0,0><1,1> where the u-coordinate is wrapped around the major radius and the the v-coordinate is wrapped around the minor radius.
2.5.7 UV Mapping UV Vectors

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