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There are four color list patterns: checker, hexagon, brick and object. The result is a pattern of solid colors with distinct edges rather than a blending of colors as with color mapped patterns. Each of these patterns is covered in more detail in a later section. The syntax is:

  pigment {brick [COLOR_1, [COLOR_2]] [PIGMENT_MODIFIERS...] }|
  pigment {checker [COLOR_1, [COLOR_2]] [PIGMENT_MODIFIERS...]}|
  pigment { 
     hexagon [COLOR_1, [COLOR_2, [COLOR_3]]] [PIGMENT_MODIFIERS...] 
  pigment {object OBJECT_IDENTIFIER | OBJECT {} [COLOR_1, COLOR_2]}

Each COLOR_n is any valid color specification. There should be a comma between each color or the color keyword should be used as a separator so that POV-Ray can determine where each color specification starts and ends. The brick and checker pattern expects two colors and hexagon expects three. If an insufficient number of colors is specified then default colors are used. Solid Color Pigments Color Maps

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