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Established by the POV-Team in late 1999, the TAG (Technical Assistance Group) is made up of selected members of the POV-Ray user community. The purpose of the TAG is to aid the POV-Team in supporting users of POV-Ray around the world, using the collective knowledge of the group to answer users' POV-Ray questions and to bring POV-Ray related matters to the attention of the POV-Team as required.

With their range of experiences in particular areas of computing and graphics, TAG members will always try to provide an answer to users' POV-Ray questions as best they can. If members of the TAG feel a question or suggestion merits the attention of the POV-Team, they will redirect queries to the appropriate members of the Team for consideration.

TAG members are not members of the POV-Team. But they are, however, an official conduit between us and the outside world. They have direct access to all members of the POV-Team. They have the right to speak on our behalf on the POV-Ray news server and on any official mailing lists that we set up for this purpose. Not everything they say will be official; only when they sign it as such. They can still act as 'themselves' and have their own opinions at all other times.

The TAG has its own website.

Technical Assistance Group Members

Chris Colefax
Email: chris.colefax [at] tag.povray.org
Chris Huff
Email: chris.huff [at] tag.povray.org
Ingo Janssen
Email: ingo [at] tag.povray.org
Juha Nieminen
Email: warp [at] tag.povray.org
Peter Popov
Email: peter.popov [at] tag.povray.org
Margus Ramst
Email: margus.ramst [at] tag.povray.org
Gilles Tran
Email: gilles.tran [at] tag.povray.org
Ken Tyler
Email: ken.tyler [at] tag.povray.org Contacting the Authors POV-Ray 3.6 Development

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