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1.5.3 The POV-Team The TAG Contacting the Authors

The POV-Team is a collection of volunteer programmers, designers, animators and artists meeting via the internet at http://www.povray.org/. The POV-Team's goal is to create freely distributable, high quality rendering and animation software written in C that can be easily ported to many different computers. If you have any questions about POV-Ray, please visit our web site for the latest contact information, or see the online version of POVLEGAL for the current team coordinators address (this changes from time to time whenever too many email spammers harvest the address).

If you have a question regarding commercial use or distribution of POV-Ray, please contact Chris Cason, the development team coordinator, via the above method. Please do not email us directly for technical support; we no longer give support via email as too many people abused the privilege.

See our web site and particularly our news server for online peer support. The news server has a moderated bug reporting newsgroup; please however discuss the issue in the povray.general newsgroup prior to lodging a bug report as we may already know of the issue (or it might not even be a bug). Also, there are several FAQ's on the POV web site, and in general the folks in the newsgroups think rather poorly of users who post complaints without reading the FAQ's first.

Finally, there is also a dedicated Technical Assistance Group consisting of a number of trusted, experienced POV-Ray users.

1.5.3 The POV-Team The TAG

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