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"Does POV-Ray for Unix have a GUI like in Windows?"


POV-Ray has always been a command-line utility. Even the core code of POV-Ray for Windows is exactly the same as the generic command-line POV-Ray. The graphical interfaces of the Windows and Mac versions of POV-Ray are exclusive to them (and non-portable). They are much like separate "add-ons".

There is no official GUI done for the Unix version of POV-Ray. Some third-parties have tried to make some GUIs for it (and you might find them in the links collection on our website) but it seems to be a general phenomenon that Unix people like to use just the command-line version with a proper and powerful text editor (such as Emacs).

I am sorry but there is no advice right now here about how to configure Emacs in order to smoothly handle POV-Ray file editing, but I might write a page about that some day, when I have the time. POV-Ray viruses?   1.4.8 The shadow line artifact

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